What we do

What do we do at Valkyri?

We are a web development company based in Cape Town, South Africa. We provide a vast array of services to small businesses. Mainly focusing on Digital Marketing we provide services such as Web development, Marketing, Graphic Design & Branding, SEO, Content Creation and Strategy.

What we do, is provide solutions to problems, using the best technologies, techniques and skills to solve any issues you may have.

We listen, we truly listen to figure out the problems. We ask the right questions so that you can point us to the problems and pain points.

In order to solve your problems, we need to truly understand what the problem is. Once we have figured out your problems, we can begin to focus on how to best solve that problem.

We provide services that are aimed at helping people & businesses to succeed online, using design and forward thinking to provide the best service possible. We build good relationships with our clients using clear communication. By building a good relationship we can better figure out our client’s problems and pain points. Our goal is to solve these problems in the most efficient way, providing the best solution while maintaining excellent service.

I will be adding more to this post, but that is a brief summary for now 🙂


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